Shrekfest is a free family-friendly event held annually in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Since 2019 I have helped out with duties including designing merch, producing promotional material, contacting potential sponsors, booking musicians, taking photos during the events, and running the various social media pages.
For the 2022 Shrekfest, it was decided to market the event as the biggest Shrekfest yet.
The fest relocated from Madison, Wisconsin to Milwaukee, opening up the doors to a larger population and excitedly welcome people back to the festival after two years of the global pandemic moved the festival to Twitch.
I redesigned Shrekfest from the ground up, redoing everything from the logo to the font choices, trying to add as much legitimacy to the event as possible, while still keeping the homemade charm of the fest that makes it unique.
LEGACY DESIGN (2019-2021)
Before redesigning the look and feel of Shrekfest from the ground up in 2022, I focused on design work such as logos, trophies, and merchandise.
Here are some highlights from previous years:
This is a music video produced for the artist Jenny Omnichord. Filmed on a tight budget and even tighter timeline, this video was super fun to work on and was a great creative challenge.
These are a series of videos created piecemeal by anywhere between 20-40 animators and filmmakers.
I ran and organized the projects and edited them together, ensuring that they all were coherent and worked towards an overall theme.
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