Spider Sculpture
Created as a English class metaphor assignment in 10th grade, I took it upon myself to expand upon the idea of the project and fabricate a large 4-foot spider sculpture. 
It has since been repurposed into a Halloween decoration and display piece.
"Audrey 2" from Little Shop of Horrors
Prop replica of the main protagonist of the film Little Shop of Horrors.
Created by combining wax plants, 3D prints, paint and a lot of hot glue.
Soldered Wire Sculpture
An elephant animal figure sculpture, composed of shaped copper wire soldered together.
This project was an experiment in lines in space and working with soldering.
"Go Go Gadget" Cereal Box Design
This is a classroom assignment where we had to design and assemble a cereal box. I chose a kid-friendly brand, and based my designs off of the Inspector Gadget cartoon series. Along with the box and cereal flakes, I also designed and built a decoder ring prize for the inside of the box.
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