Shrek 2 Retold Additional Material
Including trailers, crew shirt designs, and other production items.
Teaser Trailer
Posted to celebrate Shrek's 20th Anniversary.
Made by Grant Duffrin, featuring lots of clips from Shrek Retold and Shrek 2 Retold.
Shrekfest 2019 Recruitment Trailer
Shown at Shrekfest 2019 to announce the project and ask for people to sign up.
Featuring Nae Ella, Adam Holbus, Conner Japikse, ChendrillaTV, and Madison Dabbs-Petty.
Crew Exclusive T-Shirts
Only offered for a short time to the crew of the film.
Designed and hand-printed by toosmallforyou and Conner Japikse. Printed at National Screen Printing.
Promotional Stickers
Given out with the crew shirts and at other events.
Designed by Grant Duffrin and Conner Japikse.
Shrek 2 Mugs
Given out to the main crew of Conner Japikse, Grant Duffrin & Garfield the Monday Killer as a Christmas gift from Conner in 2021.
[Will be added upon completion]
Shrek Oscars
Given out to a small number of people on the production staff.
Designed and cast in resin by Conner Japikse, with help from ___.
[Will be added upon completion]
Happily Ever After Potion Design
Concept design test done by Conner Japikse.
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